Embracing Digital Disruption by adopting DevOps Practices

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DASA Whitepaper
By Rik Farenhorst (Xebia) Niels Loader (Quint Wellington Redwood)


We live in interesting times, especially when you like we do, work for IT boutique consulting firms specialized in Lean IT, IT Craftsmanship, Automation and Agility. Many organizations are starting to tear down the walls between business and IT, the even thicker walls between technical departments within IT, and have replaced their “Waterfalls” with fountains of nice feedback loops and shorter iterations.

Leaders of these organizations now start to realize that IT is a strategic differentiator instead of a mystical capability best left to techies who speak a foreign language. They read almost daily in newspapers stories that inspire them further. One type of story focuses on organizations that have been dramatically transforming by adopting an engineering culture, and moving towards a new world of IT. This leads to extremely fast concept-to-cash or low time-to-market, and much lower operating and capital expenditures. Another type of story, which offers equally interesting lessons
learned, focuses on organizations that have either gone bankrupt or lost huge parts of their market share because they have been replaced by a startup, or an "App".

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