A Pragmatic Guide to Getting Started with DevOps

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By John Michelsen - CA Technologies

To learn more about how you can capture the benefits of the DevOps methodology for your organization, visit the CA Technologies web site.

In the application economy, every business is a software business. This is why DevOps is quickly becoming one of the most valuable disciplines for your business. It’s focused on improving the quality and speed of delivering new apps to market. And it’s about tightly integrating development and operations in order to do so.

This is driving businesses everywhere to take a second look at what they may have initially thought was just a buzzword – here one day and gone the next.
Now everyone is starting to wonder, “Can we adopt a DevOps method ourselves? And will it work for us?”

The average organization adopting DevOps sees a 20 percent improvement in time-to-market, a 22 percent improvement in software quality, and a 17 percent improvement in frequency of application
deployments—all leading to 22 percent more customers and a 19 percent increase in revenue.


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