Is SAFe Still SAFe

Reading some articles today regarding the methods and frameworks in Agile and maybe being suffering from a bout of insomnia I was challenged to put finger to keyboard

I cannot and do not profess any expertise in any of the many fractions of Agile, but show a love for Agile and in doing so have studied as best as possible Agile and her many roads and certification paths that lead to an agile mindset.

So today lets have a conversation on SAFe

SAFe is a brilliant example of Agile in motion, yes indeed a brilliant example taking full advantage of a number of methods and frameworks, including XP, Lean, SCRUM, DSDM structures, Kanban, BDD, Continuous delivery to name a few, and unashamedly blended an environment enviable to most and suitable to the clientele she has targeted. The intricate way in which SAFe was crafted with the other frameworks is masterful and her use of linguistic terms and controls are very smart indeed. SAFe is not afraid to evolve, just watch how she has blossomed from version ?? to version 4.0. The chosen bedfellow for her freedom to evolve without financial constraints is the Corporate stratosphere, to which she is now tied.

Here is a question, Who is more Lean SAFe or Lean?

My sadness is that the freedom and love for an Agile movement that filled the Fellows of the Scaled Agile Consortium has been overcome by the bureaucracy that has once been her release and unless she is willing to sacrifice financial stability for the beauty of Agility once again, she risks falling into history as a caged Eagle where potential was unlimited but the need to feed outgrew her need for freedom.

Some say governance is the reason for her state of mind and I say emphatically NO, unless we now say that governance cannot be Agile. The team of the Disciplined Agile camp are working hard to show how governance, finance and control really can work in an Agile world, awesome.

To topple the giant that is SAFe, go and see those LeSS guys, whose heart is still fully agile but refuse to venture beyond scrum.

A quick mention on Prince2 Agile because it really deserves a mention, so much need, but not enough want. See how close they are to SAFe at the head but without the willingness to shed her old skin she runs the risk of fading away into yesterday. Let go Prince2 stop being “Prince2 Agile” and become the “Agile Prince2”

Till another time

David Knight-Junaid LITP

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