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Security education is about gaining knowledge about principles, concepts, and facts to develop analytical and problem-solving skills. During security training, they are gaining a skill or a set of skills specific to a particular job.

Security guards that lack information can expose valuable data in your company or business. It can also risk your reputation when you have failed security guards.

1. Defense Against Security Risks

Security guards that have undergone security education and training are aware of threats to both physical and information security. Threats can be prevented as well.  Security guards that are educated with what they are doing can identify the risks and the proper way of handling and responding to threats.

2. Build Customer/Client Trust and Loyalty

One of many problems businesses are facing today is the issue of customer security. There are different security breaches these days especially in the news everyday, and that is usually everyone’s concern when entering an establishment, mostly in places that are usually thieves’ target such as bank, pawnshops and other high-end places.